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How To Choose the Right Digital Signage Display

With efficient and innovative technological advancement, digital signage displays are now essential in organizations to interact with clients, pass important information, and hold clients’ attention. However, the problem that always comes with the freedom of choice is choosing the best digital signage display.

Guide to help you navigate the world of digital signage displays

Understanding your requirements

It is essential to understand the goal and objectives of your digital signage hk display and the factors that will inform the actual choice of the display. When designing your digital signage, begin by establishing the exact need for or intended use of the signage. As such, determining your objectives will assist in making the decisions a lot easier and more meaningful since the display you choose must fulfill a given purpose. Some displays will have to be suited for specific environmental conditions, which will be determined by the environmental conditions you are exposed to.

Display size and resolution

It is important to understand the size and resolution of the branding screens. Based on these considerations, the display size will be dictated by how far one intends to sit from the display and how many items they have to display. A larger display may be required in areas where the viewers are seated from a greater distance, while a small display may suffice in other places with near-areas attractions. Ensure that the higher resolution offering is also correspondingly higher than the regular price.

Interactivity and touch capabilities

There is a trend for building installations of large communication screens with customer participation to provide a better viewing experience. Consider the nature of interactivity. If interactivity is essential for your digital signage, opt for touch displays. Areas and objects on the touch screen can probably be manipulated or altered by using different touches and gestures. When choosing a touch-enabled display, there is also the issue of what type of touch technology is available. The most common type is capacitive touch, which provides a touch-sensitive glass surface. Infrared touch is also preferred as it is cheaper and better for larger screens.

Durability and maintenance

Durability and frequent cleaning are significant factors when choosing a digital signage display, as they can be installed in places with high levels of physical contact or exposed to a wide range of climatic conditions. Choose well-built ones with some form of a glass shield, and are coated with a ‘skin’ to take abuse and not scratch easily. Some vendors provide service support to their clients by either coming to their physical location to fix the screen when required or providing alert services to monitor the screens and provide servicing before they develop serious issues that can impair their proper functioning.


When selecting the correct digital signage display, the following are factors: your specs and qualities, measurements and gauges, systems, feed and product, functions, durability/ cost. Upon a proper assessment of needs and options, one should get into a position to come up with a solution which would improve efficiency and effectiveness of a given solution through the use of digital signage.

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