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Do Employers in Tucson Take Worker Injuries Seriously?

Employers employ many methods to attract employees. One such method is promising that – in case of an injury at work – they will pay compensation and benefits. This instils a sense of confidence in you. You now know that, no matter what happens, you will be taken care of. And so, you do your best and continue putting in your best day after day.

One fateful day, an accident occurs. Perhaps an error with machinery, or a cause of long-term work conditions. You now fill in an application for worker’s compensation and find it swiftly denied. This probability is far more common than many imagine.

While laws in Tucson encourage employers and insurance providers to award fair compensation, the reality is far from what is fair. Employers seldom take worker injuries seriously, treating them as a minor hitch in their corporate machinery. While this seeks to increase shareholder profit, it leaves you dealing with ill health, a stressed budget, a worried family, and an uncertain future. 

How exactly do employers treat worker injuries? A leading workers compensation lawyer in Tucson has identified two key approaches…

Complete Denial.

Employers may just deny any compensation. Further, they may even deny a work injury led to the employee’s current predicament. In a bid to save potential expenses, employers and insurance adjustors alike may cite deep and obscure fine print, reasoning that their contract never actually covered the type of injury you may face. The reasons are plenty, usually unjustified, and always keep you away from your rightful compensation.


An alternate yet equally insulting occurrence is a forced lowball offer. While your injury is acknowledged, employers and insurance adjustors may share a settlement offer that’s simply too low. It may barely cover the costs of immediate treatment, much less potential future expenses due to the injury. This allows employees to save face, claim they care about employees, and swiftly put your injury in the books as a successful resolution. Here too, you’re left in a position that simply does not help.

The Solution.

If employers and insurance adjustors do not wish to part with their money on terms of contract and goodwill, they must be gently pushed in that direction…

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers bring in the complex and results-driven legal method to building and fighting a worker’s case. They gather all the necessary evidence, negotiate, and if necessary, litigate your case until you get a fair compensation for your troubles. So, fret not, no matter whatever tricks your employer chooses, you can guarantee fairness when working with skilled lawyers! 

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