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What Equipment Should You Hire For A Self-Build House Project?

When you make the decision to embark on a self-build project to build a new house for yourself, you know that it is a massive undertaking. There will be plenty of bumps and positive times along the journey, but the best way to ensure that you give yourself the greatest chance to be successful and to complete the project within the deadlines and budgets you have in mind, you have to prepare as extensively as possible from day one. One of the best ways you can do so, is to look for a plant hire company that can furnish you with the right type of equipment and machinery that you need.

Whether this is for the site preparation stage, or for the build itself, you’ll require the correct type of equipment and machinery. Utilising the experience and skills of a professional plant hire service gives you all the information, training, and machinery that you need to hit the ground running, maintain high standards of efficiency, and to ensure that safety levels remain consistently high, as a priority.

What is a self-build project?

A self-build project is one where you take on all the risk yourself, where you have the final say on every detail on site. You’ll be responsible for finding the plot of land to work on, gaining the correct planning permission, hiring architects, builders and any other contractors. If there is anything that goes wrong during the project, you are responsible for it. You might think you need to operate all machinery and equipment you use during your project. Of course, if you want to, you can, but in most cases, you’ll be responsible for project management and hiring operators to take control of the day-to-day tasks.

What plant hire equipment do you need for a self-build project?

There are a few pieces of equipment and machinery that you should hire from a plant hire company for your self-build project, including:

  • Mini excavators – you need to prepare the groundwork well before anything else can commence with your self-build project. A mini excavator gives you the power and flexibility to move debris and soil off site to prepare for the next phase of the project.
  • Dumpers – these are fantastic to remove debris, materials such as pebbles, soil, aggregate and more. They are designed to work on rough terrain, providing an efficient way to remove debris and move onto the next task with ease, instead of back-breaking manual labour.
  • Rollers – once you have cleared the site, rollers help to solidify the surface, especially on a garden or yard area. They are also useful to use on site towards the end of the project where things need tidying up and you are looking to finish the surface well.

Find a plant hire company that suits your self-build project down to the ground. A good working relationship with a plant hire company will help you work with the latest models of heavy machinery and plant hire equipment. They will take care of the maintenance and repairs of machinery in between hires, so you don’t need to worry about that aspect of things. On top of that, you’ll be provided with extensive training manuals and guidance from the experts. This way, you’ll have the best chance to optimise the performance of all plant hire you use during your self-build project.

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