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9 Features to Prioritise When Searching for Houses for Sale

Buying a home is a significant investment in your life. It’s more than just finding a place to live; it’s about discovering a space where you and your family can flourish and build memories. With many options available, it’s important to prioritise certain features to make the best choice for your needs. In this blog, we’ll explore nine essential features to consider when looking for houses for sale in Geelong.

  • Location

The location of a home can significantly impact your quality of life and how much the property is worth in the future. Think about how close it is to your job, the reputation of the nearby schools, access to public transport, and what amenities are nearby, like grocery stores, parks, and hospitals. A prime location can make life more convenient and keep your home’s value stable over time.

  • Neighborhood and Community

Besides the physical location, the neighbourhood and community are vital factors in your decision to buy a home. Visit the neighbourhood at various times to assess safety, noise, and the overall vibe. Look into community amenities such as parks, recreational spots, and clubs. Talking to potential neighbours can give you a sense of the community’s vibe and if it matches your lifestyle and values.

  • Size and Layout

Evaluating the size and layout of a home is essential to make sure it fits both your current and future requirements. Look at the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the total square footage. An open floor plan might be great for hosting gatherings, while a more conventional layout could provide more privacy. Consider your daily habits and how the layout of the home can accommodate them. Also, think about potential future needs, like a growing family or the necessity for a home office.

  • Condition and Age of the Property

Assessing the condition and age of a property is key to knowing its quality and possible upkeep needs. Whether it’s an older home with historical charm or a newer one with modern features, a thorough inspection is vital to check its structure, plumbing, electricity, roofing, and other important aspects. Older homes may have character but might need updates for modern standards, while newer ones offer convenience but may lack the uniqueness of older properties. Finding a balance ensures you get a home that fits your style and practical requirements, making for a fulfilling homeownership journey.

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is now a big deal for homebuyers. An energy-efficient home can lower your bills and be kinder to the environment. Check for things like double-pane windows, good insulation, energy-saving appliances, and maybe even solar panels. These features not only save you money over time but also help you live more sustainably.

  • Outdoor Space

Having outdoor space can make living more enjoyable, offering a spot to relax, have fun, and host guests. Think about how big and usable the yard, garden, or patio is. If you have kids or pets, you might want a fenced-in yard. Also, consider how much upkeep the outdoor area needs and if it fits your lifestyle. A big garden might be nice, but it also means more work to keep it looking good.

  • Natural Light and Ventilation

Good lighting and ventilation in your home can really affect how you feel, your health, and how much energy you use. Think about how the house is positioned and where the windows are to get the most natural light during the day. Having enough airflow is important for clean air and comfort, especially in hot or humid areas. A home with lots of natural light and good ventilation feels fresher and more welcoming, making your living experience better overall.

  • Storage Space

Enough storage is crucial for a tidy, organised home. Check how much storage there is, like closets, kitchen cabinets, and garage space. Built-in storage is a big plus. Think about what you have now and what you might need in the future to make sure there’s enough room for everything. Not enough storage can become a hassle later on.

  • Future Resale Value

Even if you plan to live in your new home for a long time, it’s smart to think about its future resale value. Things like a great location, good schools, modern features, and the overall condition of the property can boost its value. Look into real estate trends to see what buyers want. Buying a home with good resale potential can give you financial security and options down the road.


Looking for houses for sale in Barwon Heads is both thrilling and challenging, requiring you to think about many things. Focusing on the features mentioned earlier can guide you to a home that suits you and fits your life. Remember, no home will be flawless, but if you know what matters most to you, you can choose wisely.


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